Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweden: Number 1 Place to Be a Kid, Number 4 Place to Be a Mom

There has never been any doubt in my mind that Sweden is a great place to start a family, and Save The Children's latest study only confirms that.

Although I am a little weary of the quanitification of children's well-being – I love the freedom, care and ability to 'just be a kid' that seems to be an essential part of Swedish childhood. That and the access to quality health care without the stress of worrying about being hit by strange bills, quality daycare, schools (although I'm still not 100% sold on the Swedish approach to education), and University education.

As for being a Mom – well what can you say – I'm still enoying several days a week of maternity leave.

Back in the US when people would start talking about Family Values I would usually check out because I figured the conversation would segway into religion and traditional values – something that isn't too high on my priority list. But living in Sweden has really shown me the importance of Swedish Family Values – and that is TIME with your FAMILY!

I think if Save the Children also had a 'Best Place to Be a Dad' Sweden would at least make the Top 5, if not the top spot.

Sadly the US fell into the 30s in both categories. (ETA UK was in the teens)

Check out the study here.  


  1. It's very true. I am glad I am here for my kid's sake. What a nice life for her.

  2. I agree on being a little uneasy on their approach to education but I suppose all our husbands turned out fine! (also maybe by the time our kids are in high school it will have magically changed!!!)

    The maternity and paternity leave though I think is amazing. When my mom had my brothers my dad called in sick they day the were born and was back to work the next day. Luckily my mom had me and my grandma or else what would she have done?

  3. The UK fell into the 30s? That's not what I'm reading. Seems to say the UK was 13 for mothers and 23 for children. Not great but quite a bit better than the 30s where the US are indeed languishing.

  4. @hemborgwife - I know, I am all for being a working Mom, but I cannot imagine going to work with a 6 week old. I think those women must have superpowers.

    @Anon - Whoops - you are right - sorry. UK is indeed far ahead of the game compared to the US - and does not fall in the 30's. My mistake and I've changed the text to reflect that. Thanks for pointing it out.