Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Will Eric Saade Be Popular?

It may be that I run in the wrong circles, but things seem to be oddly quiet given that tonight Sweden will take the stage in Eurovision 2011 to try to secure a spot in the finals.

I admit, I haven't been paying much attention. As I mentioned before, any fun I had laughing/watching Eurovision was destroyed when they made it into a three day final event and a 10 week long countrywide auditon.

But in previous years, I remember newspapers and television being flooded with information about how The Ark was the most popular group at Eurovision in years (before they placed embarassingly in the 20's) and how everyone LOVED that opera singer, but not really. But how do they feel about Eric? Not a clue.

This could be in Saade's favor. From what I read in the paper, the first semi-finals knocked out favorite Norwegian singer, whose name escapes me. Maybe, due to the lack of publicity, Sweden will qualify for the finals?

I wouldn't place any bets, especially since everytime I here the song I think it is worse than I thought it was, but maybe Eric will catch a break?

It would be nice to see Sweden do well. At least then we don't have to listen to the 'Eastern European Conspiracy' sore-loser talk about how Sweden only loses because Eastern European countries only vote for each other and don't vote for Sweden. Even though the Scandinavian countries seem to routinely vote for each other, but suffer from the fact that there are fewer of them than the Eastern countries – there is little talk of a Scandinavian conspiracy. (Or maybe that is the reason for Sweden's earlier successes? -I will pretend like I can raise one eyebrow here, but I can't do that in RL either).

Either way, I will hold my thumbs and cross my fingers for Sweden tonight. But I probably won't watch much of the event.

Heja Sverige!


  1. >> It would be nice to see Sweden do well.

    I'd like us to do well when we deserve it. Right now I'm hoping someone will abduct that Saade guy and release him when the commotion is over.

    Not that I watch or care about Eurovision, but there has to be some standard on what we present even at such events.

  2. Another blogger posted a clip of Eric Saade, and I thought he was very good. It was a few weeks ago, but he was very memorable - and I would think that must help hugely. So many of them, so the winner has to be something that stands out. Maybe that's why those in weird costumes have won in the past.