Monday, May 30, 2011

Swedish Vacation: The best weather in Sweden is always in A) June B) July C) August D) All of the Above

Aggh, sorry, things have been CRAZY this week, away for work and then busy busy busy.

I hope someone is still out there!

I promise this week I will be around a bit more.

So things that have been on my mind lately? Picking the perfect vacation week.

Most of the people I work with have a serious vacation week picking strategy. There is the collegue who always goes away in the middle of June, because he believes the weather is always the best (not so much last year, sad to say). Then there are the few collegues who battle endlessly to get the perfect chunk of weeks in July, and the ones who swear by August.

All of them are convinced that they have the solution to finding the perfect three weeks of the best Swedish weather known to man.

My personal strategy? I prefer to take my vacation during the cold and rainy months – work a bit in the summer, when everything is calmer and quieter, and hit the beach after work. I'll take a week here or there if there is space, but I don't really care to duke it out with my colleagues of their prefered vacation strategy.

I do think, for the most part, that Swedish summers are beautiful. So I don't understand why everyone seems to leave during the summer. The beach community we tend to hang out at, the locals usually run away for the summer, and a young party crowd takes over. I don't get why you would want beachfront property and then leave it during the peak season. But hey, I cannot afford beach front property, so what do I know?

Are there any vacation weeks you swear by? I'm still just grateful to get such amazing long vacations (5 weeks!), I'll take it whenever I can get it!


  1. Yes, the Swedish summers are beautiful. The weather right now is beyond awesome, and we are going to the US on Thursday for two weeks and I will be sad to miss it! But we'll be here the rest of the summer, so. We have no vacation strategy. My husband gets six weeks but is too American to use it!

  2. I totally agree with you that the summer here is the best season so why leave then. Personally I am going to work when the rest of the bunch at my work place are off. Most people still take July off. I opt more for a late vacation in august. Trying to shorten the fall a bit. But the best is to take vacation in either november or february when it is really awful. If I didn´t have to work for money I would leave Sweden in the end of September and come back in May. I have realized that I am not a winter lover after all.

  3. November is the best time to have time off. Get all the Christmas shopping out of the way, travel somewhere sunny and rest so you are happy and energetic for Christmas when everyone else are collapsing from stress :)

  4. @antropologa - ooh have a great trip. does your DH get crap about not taking all his vacation out - people always tell me I'm going to burn out if I don't take out at least 3 weeks in the summer

    @Desiree and sca - I wish I could go away for all of November and then all of February - I love the beginning of Fall, but by November I'm fed up. And by fen I'm over winter and ready for spring

  5. Wow five weeks is great!

    For the past 4 years, I've gone home to the US in July or August for 2-3 weeks which is always a nice break from the Melbourne winter (not that it gets that cold here). However, this year, I am going home for christmas, so I'll get a white christmas! I am very excited.

  6. I am really looking forward for Swedish summers. Going there next year August!

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