Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Magic Jersey style

Last year I wrote about the magic of Swedish summer, and I stand by that and hope that Swedish summer is still waiting for me when I get home – but there remain a few things that Sweden still cannot offer – and so we are filling up on them in Jersey….

Some of these things may include:

Fireflies, giant watermelons, Old Fogey swims, Knock hockey, bagels, red sauce from our favorite Italian place, Korean snacks with my SIL, Friendly’s sundaes with huge amounts of Peanut butter sauce, craft beers purchased from Whole Foods in giant bottles, Pizza eaten by the slice, Mexican food, Dinner delivered to your front door, Jersey corn, Jersey tomatoes, unexpected gifts (including a 5 pound box of cheese), cupcakes with more frosting than cake, Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Donuts coffee, 3 hour trip to Barnes and Noble, Breakfast all day at the diner, maple syrup and Belgian waffles, summer camp, trips to Costco, trips to Target, going to the mall at 8 pm when the kids are asleep, stocking up at outlets, introducing the Swede to Funions, teaching Little Swede the art of eating at restaurants, learning that 2 weeks is the amount of time for Little Swede to pick up on a Jersey accent (I swear while I do say ‘cawfee’ I certainly do NOT say ‘Caayht’ instead of cat(I don’t even know how to phonetically spell what he is doing with his soft A’s right now)), but basically just enjoying a full Jersey summer….  With all its 32 degree hot and humid, thunderstorm, cicada, wonder…..