Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swedish sourdough bread – the ultimate sign of luxury

For many an American, the word socialism conjures up pictures of the old-school communist bread lines, people waiting hours to cash in their bread coupons for a loaf.

In Sweden these days, you might see such a bread line, but it’s not what you think.

Swedish sourdough bread is the ultimate in trendy food goodness in Sweden at the moment. It’s bigger than ever.  Although, as I am often late to the game, I think that some foodies might declare sourdough bread sooooo 2010, whatever.

Mostly I am very enthusiastic about the new found popularity of sourdough bread in Sweden. It means I can finally admit that if I really have to choose between fluffy yummy thick crusted white bread and that Pågan brand ‘lingon’ loaf which tastes like cardboard when toasted (though I admit, for some reason I was totally in love with it circa 2006) I would choose the white bread every single time, yes even if it is white bread and completely lacking any nutrition whatsoever.

I love bread. If I have to choose between candy and bread, I would choose bread. If I have to choose between chocolate and bread, I would choose bread. You get the picture.

That said, Swedish sourdough bread is getting silly, to say the least. At one local bakery they charge 12 dollars per loaf. Yes, per loaf. OK, so the loaf is like the length of my arm and as thick as my thigh, but still, it’s just flour, some bacteria and water.

Also, currently, there are three local TOP SECRET sourdough bakeries. To get their breads, you have to be in the know and on ‘the list.’ You then get an SMS telling you when there is bread available and it is first come first serve chaos. Who cares that the bakers are actually two nursing assistants who have adopted a new hobby? Apparently they are good and better than that, they are obscure.

So while I am incredibly grateful for the new trend in bread baking in Sweden, because it means a little more to choose from at the grocery store, I think things are getting a little crazy with the sourdough trend.

And, yes, I have many times thought ‘Oh, I’m totally going to do that sourdough starter thing this week,’ but it hasn’t happened, yet. 


  1. Do you have access to these secret lists? ;)

  2. Did you ever get the sourdough "chain mail". You get a sourdough from someone and you're supposed to grow it and share with three more people. Got one in 2002 I think.

  3. I actually don't understand why they are so obsessed with this bread. I love white bread. We Italians do not have this much of sourdough bread and we just go for the white one, happily ever after ;-)