Friday, February 24, 2012

A princess is born - and Pappa Prince's feelings are 'All over the place'

Father of the newly born Swedish Prince, the people's prince, Daniel Westerling announced the birth of his daughter in a press conference yesterday and it was adorable and sweet. Daniel Westerling won the hearts of many a Swede during the royal wedding and the love affair is alive and well.

But the part I liked best was when Daniel described his feelings as 'All over the place' in English. 

Yes, Daniel, I totally agree with you. Swedish is a damn hard language to express your feelings in - English is so much more feeling friendly.

Nah, I don't know if this is really true, I am a firm believer that it is usually easier to express your emotions in your own language - because otherwise the words just don't feel good enough. And maybe, this time around, Daniel really just didn't have the words in any language.

Emotions and language - it is a struggle

Little Swede, the other night, when he crashed into the dog for the third time with his Brio walking cart and had it promptly taken away by his own Pappa, had a small breakdown. Halfway through he whimpered out 'Little Swede Ledsen' or roughly translated 'Little Swede sad'

Ok, truth be told, The Swede and I both went a little heart-broken at this announcement. And although we were already hugging him, we hugged a little tighter.

And then I thought, wow, he is already talking about his feelings in Swedish. I hope having two languages from the beginning will help him to be able to feel comfortable in expressing his emotions in both languages. 


  1. The swedish language is insufficient, full stop. You haven't come across "svengelska" before?

  2. Yes I did also think it was a little fun the Prince Daniel said "all over the place". Sweet. But I as a Swede do not agree that it's easier to express feelings in English even though I do think English is a much "richer" language in general. But for me it is always easier to show and expresss all the nuances in Swedish. But that is probably since Swedish is my first language. :-)
    To have mor than one language is always good I think! :-) And feelings are not easy to express always no matter how many languages I guess, but as you say I think having more than one might increase your chances to find the "exact" word?! :-)

  3. I found it curious he used English, too, but then I always wonder why people use English words/phrases so often. I feel like when I am talking to Swedish people in Swedish they end up saying stuff in English more than I do!

    My husband once told me, long ago, he thought Swedish was better for talking about feelings. Not that I have ever heard him do it. We speak English 100% of the time.