Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Swedish Classic Design: Kånken

                                                                            photo from fjallraven

One of my absolute favorite little classic Swedish things, which still remains super Swedish for me, is the Kånken bag.

Kånken is designed and sold by Swedish outdoor company Fjällraven. They are known for their high quality (read: high priced) outdoor gear, that any Swedish hiker or outdoorsy wannabe wears year round.

I remember Kånken from my childhood, I had my first when I was about 8. And it used to be if you spotted Kånken on the streets of NYC you knew, 'There goes a Swede!'

So a few weeks ago The Swede and I went to see the 'not-so-new' Sophia Coppola movie, Somewhere. And although I loved the movie and couldn't wait to discuss it, the first thing out of mouth was 'Did you see? Did you see she had a Kånken?”

Because the little girl in the movie carries a yellow Kånken wherever she goes.

                           Somewhere Trailer Still and Promo Photo from ellefanning.com

I created some wonderful Swedish backstory for her in my head. It was entirely plausible that the character had a Swedish mother, but it was never mentioned.

Oh well. I was also pleasantly amused that not only can you now order Kånken from J. Crew, but they are also significantly CHEAPER than buying your Kånken in Sweden. I know, the crown is high right now. But the last time I bought a Kånken here it was 600 SEK. So even with a higher crown, thatäs a pretty damn good price, J Crew.

Guess I know where I will be buying my next Kånken!


  1. My husband and I alwasy point them out to eachother in the airport. I really like them, maybe will have to get one here in the US before we move!

  2. I had one as a child as my school backpack, I had the top right one, the army green and I was so bummed I had such a boring and ugly color... The cool guy in my class had a mint green!