Friday, February 25, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know, I know It's February. It's dreary. It's gray. It's not the beautiful and magical Swedish summer, or Swedish spring, or Swedish fall. It's not Christmas.

But it is BOKREA! My favorite week of the year where books across Sweden go on sale and special printings of books are made just for BOKREA!

(Bokrea = Book sale for the non-Swedish speakers, not quite as entertaining linguistically as Slut Rea)

This is where I blow all the money that I am saving on not buying strange Swedish fashion trends.

I made the mistake of taking a look online on Tuesday to find out more about when exactly Bokrea begins. I ended up on the Bokus website.

I thought to myself "I will just take a peak to see if they have any English books on sale". And they did. Oh they did. They had 300 English books on sale, for really good sale prices of 19 - 35 SEK each.

After making it through 3 pages of English novels, I was 200 SEK poorer, but 6 books richer.

I stopped clicking then, because I did also want to hit the brick-and-morter bookstores and stock up there.

So yesterday I made the rounds. And they were good. Not as great as some past years, but not bad either.

I bought a few Swedish books, a Lindquist book I've heard good things about, and the Swedish baking bible Sju Sorters Kakor.

And no, my poor sweet Swede, I'm not done yet! There are still a few bookstores I haven't hit yet. And well, there are still a few pages on Bokus I haven't checked out either.

ETA: My poor Swedish spelling - Thanks K for pointing out Bokrea is one word in Swedish


  1. I love being able to order books on the internet as Bokus and Adlibris. I think they are great and they have lots of books in English. I haven´t yet checked the bok rea out but I will take a look this weekend. 6 books for 200 kr is quite a catch.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Wow, good deals! I pretty much just use the library but this is good to know.