Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swedish news: All the latest at 6 and 10

I admit it, one thing I don't miss for a minute from the US is the 24 hour news cycle. I find it silly, over the top, careless and one of the reasons why the US is so split down the middle at the moment.

Sure I can subscribe to CNN or BBC via my local Cable network. But I don't. Because I don't like them.

But there has to be some kind of middle ground, Sweden. Don't you think? Today a nuclear power plant exploded in Japan. This is the day after that terrible earthquake rocked the country. Today on Swedish TV?  Skiing and gameshows.

On a Danish TV station we get there is on-going news coverage of the situation in Japan. They have cancelled all of their regularly scheduled programming.

In Sweden? It's still on the set news hours (I'm only guessing it's 6 and 10 because I get most of my news from the 'net anyway).

Sure, in the US they interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast because Obama has the hiccups, but this? This might necessitate a rather longer interruption in programming, no?


  1. Well here in England I am petty sure it never interrupts scheduled programming, although like you said, it is on the 24 hour news channels who will show nothing BUT that.
    If something interrupted my programming I'd be mad, but that's just me ;) I tend to not watch the news anyway and read it online; it all seems so OTT and dramatic on the TV, whatever they are talking about.

  2. Yes I totally agree with you that they should give better and more regular updates about something of such importance being such a serious situation.

  3. I'm watching SVT1 right now. They're having a "extra placed" program about the situation in Japan.
    Normally when something huge happens SVT1 or SVT2 will have extra news in the morning and at noon. If you want continues updates, see the online newspapers and the TV stations' web pages.

  4. Good to know Miss U - I was looking on Saturday at lunch time for info - and nada. But I guess they have since caught up.

    I've been using for now, but I thought it would be worthwhile to see more Swedish coverage as well.

  5. We do have a swedish channel with 24 hours news coverage. It's SVT 24 :)

  6. Hmm, haven't caught that as I only have the most basic of cable packages - will take a look online - thanks for the heads up. But still, compared to the 'breaking news' coverage in the US, on all major networks, Sweden is very low key news wise.

  7. "Basic cable packages" will get you SVT24. All SVT channels are "Must Carry" for all providers. Even if you have no kind of cable at all, you should get all the SVT channels via a standard table antenna.

  8. Thanks Jacob,

    After your comment I went and refreshed my channels on the TV and found out that we had actually blocked out SVT24 when we programed our TV - but so far I have yet to see much of any news on SVT24 - I've seen some strange singing show during the evening and the channel seems to be something else during the day.

    But I thank you for the info

    I also picked up the mysterious Channel 10 while reprogramming my TV, and have no idea what that 's all about - mostly fixing cars.

  9. SVT 24 is like CNN in that it's not constantly news. There are some panels in between, or debates sometime. But I haven't watched it that much. I usually stick to Rapport for my world news.