Friday, March 18, 2011

Eurovision 2011: The Winner Takes It All - but I'm not quite sure why

OK, I'm late to the party. I know. But give me credit, I suffered through more Melodifestivalen this year than ever before. And what do I have to show for it? Not too much.

But I figure some of you outside of Sweden must be chomping at the bit to find out who won Melodifestival and who will be representing Sweden this year at Eurovision when they lose in terrible defeat due to the Eastern European Conspiracy.

The winner is

Erik Saade Popular!

I don't know how to pronounce his last name, so I am going with Sade like the singer, not like the Marquis. But I'm probably wrong.

Why this song might just stand a chance:

1) Erik sings that 'He will be popular' 78 times in this song (you can count if you want, this is just my random guesstimate) - perhaps the power of repetition will fool the audience into thinking he actually is popular.

2) Erik appeals to a wide audience - young teenage girls, since he has a cute boyish look and is singing about seducing a young girl who is so shallow she will only love him if he is popular, and gay men - there is an odd moment in the dance sequence in which one of the male dancers feels him up. That was my favorite part of the whole routine because it was quite unexpected!

Why this song probably doesn't stand a chance

1) The Eastern European voting conspiracy
2) The song is really bad
3) The dancing is like a bad Backstreet Boys video from 15 years ago
4) Anyone that desperate for popularity doesn't stand a chance


  1. This boy is SO CUTE (I just love how he flirts with me through the camera) and the song is catchy but bad. And did you realize all the top three placers were children of immigrants to Sweden? I thought that was neat. Horribly shallow song though.

  2. God awful song. I quite enjoyed my first taste of Melodifestival, it's far better than the British qualifiers normally are if you can believe that. Maybe only understanding every tenth word helped. Shame the worst song that made it through to the final won and it was a certain sort of aesthetic pain to find myself rooting for the second worst at the end because it was the only other song left in it.

  3. I felt a sad need to count, and got 24.
    Enjoyed reading the blog archive though!

  4. Wow, Shorty! I wish I had a prize I could give you for taking on such a daunting task.... Thanks for making such a sacrifice of your time :)

    And thanks for reading!

  5. Thanks for saving me the bother of streaming through the rest of the show! Sincerely, I appreciate not having to force myself to watch any more of my favorite masochistic yearly ritual of pain. It was, clearly, the worst song of the unusually varied group this year. I was really hoping for "Oh My God" for its neo-Thomas Dileva stylings. I used to live in Sweden too. For 5 years in Malmö. You'll make it.