Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swedish Fashion Women's Edition: The Pleat Is ON!

As I preface practially every fashion post with – I am really the wrong person to write about fashion. I really don't care much for it at all. And this Spring season my love for fashion continues to wane, because the higher echelons of the fashion world have decided to punish the pleabs and inflict us with terrible terrible spring looks.

Walking down the streets in my neighborhood it is apparent, this spring, the pleat is back.

 (photo from Gina Tricot)
(Photo from Kapahl)

Now if you are like me, you didn't really miss the pleat. The pleat makes 99% of us look fat and does really strange things to the crotch. There has been no point in the last 15 years since I bought my last pair of pleated pants that I went 'Golly gee, I wish Pleated pants would comeback, how I miss them.

Although some of the tops this season look cute, and are hopefully designed to hide the dreaded pleats, it looks like I will not be filling my wardrobe with anything other than cheap (thanks low dollar) finds from the US this spring.

I think I will call my look 'sustainable fashion' or 'fashion recycling' as I dig out my rundown jeans and cords.

I am sadly struck by the thought that now 'Mom pants' with pleats and terrible waistlines have been replaced and are now my terrible old jeans and cords

Maybe summer will be better?


  1. I am sorry, but I think these are back for a while...I dont like them at all. In fact, I hate them. I saw something funny at a store though involving these. On the sign above the pants it said "Haram"- pants (they are called HarEm -pants btw). Haram in Arabic means forbidden by God (sort of). They should be forbidden by God, they are that ugly :p

  2. O yes, this is yet another argument to show my husband why I just spent $100 at JCrew for clothes before we move! I am short and chubby and I am sure this would make me look like some creepy transvestite.

  3. For those men amongst you, who do not like to wear bright colours, do not fear, another trend sees a return to the Gothic looks of the late 1990s. This means wearing lots of dark denim, and investing in a great pair of leather shoes.