Sunday, December 16, 2012

Swedish Christmas Present of the Year 2012!!!!

Every year the Swedish marketing something or other decides on the official Christmas gift of the year – the thing they think will be flying off of the shelves and into every single home.

Sometimes they get it wrong – Like the year they predicted it would be really super expensive flat screen TVs (note to Swedish marketing something or other, this isn’t really something people give as a gift).

Sometimes they are just insane – The year they wanted everyone to buy 70 dollar plastic mats that were supposed to be like lying on a bed of nails. Who the hell came up with that one? And you can now buy them for 5 dollars from all of those suckers who are reselling them and at pretty much any gas station. But really, do you want a plastic bed of nails?

Last year it was food delivery – a grocery bag delivered to your house weekly with recipes and everything you need to cook for the week. Not really my cup of tea as a vegetarian, but a lot of people seemed to jump on that bandwagon.

This year, I think they actually hit the mark. They have announced that the Christmas Present of 2012 is COAL! No, just kidding. The Swedish people have been good this year and that is why you should buy them headphones.

Why do I think headphones is a pretty good choice? For one, it beats getting a poker set if you don’t play cards, like recommended in 2005. But because it is something you can buy in a variety of price ranges and there are a lot of qualities and features out there to choose from. Most people have a smart phone or work in an open landscape where a pair of headphones could be used daily.

So if you are still trying to figure out what to do with that robot dog you got as present of the year in 1997, you should be grateful for your useful pair of headphones!

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