Saturday, December 8, 2012

A few fun Swedish slang terms

Since it is Saturday, its getting late, and I haven’t posted yet, here are a few fun words in Swedish. Also, be warned, while I don’t think my readers are a prudish lot, there is a bit more swearing than I might usually use on here.

Mummelbyxor – This translates to mumble pants. It is the Swedish word for camel toe – You can see the lips but you cannot hear what they are saying. Impress your friends by slipping this into conversation next time.

Knullrufs – This word does not translate easily, but it is a word used to describe when your hair does crazy ass things you cannot control. Like those annoying bits that stick straight up in the air even after you have combed everything out. Or knots that appear half way through your day.

But the Swedish word also implys that the reason you have such crazy hair is that you just finished fucking someone. The word knull is the Swedish word for fuck and the word rufs is somewhere inbetween tangle and unbrushed.  So next time someone looks like they need to brush your hair, you can always say ’Nice knullrufs’

Lägga en pizza – Translates roughly to making a pizza or laying down a pizza, and I have seen this with other words than lägga, like göra en pizza. This means that you puked. It is really quite a suitable metaphor.

Any other good ones you can think of? 


  1. As a Swede, out of those three, I've only heard of "knullrufs".

  2. I've heard of the other two.

    It should be pointed out that it's also acceptable, and I would argue preferable, to not say any of these ever.

  3. What about snuskhummer? I´m sure you know what it means but I´ll explain it anyway :). Snuskhummer literally means dirty lobster, and is used to describe a person you think is a perv:). It´s not a really strong word, so you can call your friend snuskhummerif he/she is talking dirty:).
    Gubbsjuk is another one, which is similar to snuskhummer but much more to the point. It refers to and older man who makes advances on much younger women. It´s hard to translate but, I guess dirty old man would do it. Literally it would be, old man sickness. Love your blog by the way! God Jul

  4. Can't believe I forgot snuskhummer! Definitely a must have word... and gubbsjuk certainly fits here....

    Youma - ha :) In my defense I did move here in my early 20s when people were a little more prone to 'lay a pizza' after a rough night out. And while 'cameltoe' is not a word I throw around often, I would say it has its purposes.... so mummelbyxor, well, I think its pretty clever.