Monday, December 17, 2012

Dunderklumpen - 1970s Swedish cartoons

On a lighter note, here is a fun gem from the 1970s. This film breaks ground Roger Rabbit was credited for breaking later on down the line.

After having way too much fun watching this trailer, some friends and I ordered this movie off the internet. Turns out it was not a 1970s mishmash of funny kids music -Shake your happy rumpen- is indeed the high point- and psychadelic 1970s characters.

Also, the whole, lets abduct toys and totally be a creepy pedophile type but am really a 1970s loveable cartoon -- as I first assessed thru the trailer-- really didn't play out. Dunderklumpen is some weird androgynous character who, well, is just plain old creepy - that's about it.

So at the end, after a few glasses of wine, we popped in the DVD and, well, lets just say it was a bit like watching Eurovision. You start out giggly and laughing at things, and then, it just gets really really really boring until the voting at the end actually seems exciting. Except there is no voting at the end of Dunderklumpen.

I am guessing, that like teletubbies, this movie might have something to offer someone on a form of chemical stimulus, but I cannot speak to this.

I would say, enjoy the trailer, skip the movie -- and just shake your happy rumpen.

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