Monday, June 18, 2012

Swedish advertising in English Fail - Pussi edition

I've blogged before about how more and more Swedish companies are using English in their slogans (Hemmakwell I am talking to you) but this is one of the old classic Swenglish mistake companies back for more punishment.

How is this for cat food?

Pussi - As good as it looks!

Ah yes, because this bag full of meat and gravy really looks appetizing. But then there is the fact that Pussi's old slogan used to be:

Pussi - Whisker lickin good

So they seem to be pretty aware of the double entendre. I mean, who markets cat food based on appearance. And their whisker lickin good products made quite a run on Swedish/English blogs.

Until then, if your cat is looking for some good looking food, try Pussi!


  1. I must say I love your blog!! I am a native Swede living in Houston TX and I've been in the US for 6 years and raising my baby girl here. From reading your posts you have made my life so much easier trying to explain my culture and way of life to my in-laws and US friends. Surprisingly, a lot of what you're talking about is dead on correct lol, and it's funny that someone not born and raised there could see all that.
    Thank you for some fun reading!!


  2. The slogan " as good as it looks " is used here in England when advertising Felix Cat Foods.

    Lillan in Cornwall

    1. Felix and Pussi are one and the same. In Sweden, the brand Felix is owned by a supermarket chain under which they sell food products. For some strange and inexplicable reason, the people from Felix (UK) thought Pussi was a great way to sell cat food. I've heard some outrageous anecdotes about some of their board meetings. Apparently the wet cat food works better than the dry...

  3. Oh my, that is too good. Love it! I've also noticed a ton of Swedish/English/Swinglish ads around Stockholm lately. My favorite English ad was for South Park a while back. It said: Three half men and a fat ass. When I saw the bus stop post for it, I laughed out loud. I'm pretty sure you would not see that ad in the US!

  4. Cat food in question is produced by an American company...

  5. hahahah This made me laugh my arse out :D

  6. Finger licking Good

  7. Maybe I should start one of these blogs for Denmark.Start of with DONG Energy (large state owned energy company)
    Marketing quote from DONG (plenty of double entendre here)

    DONG Energy cannot single-handedly ensure that the world's energy systems will go through the necessary conversion towards more renewable and sustainable energy in the years to come. We know that. But we can show the way. We know where we want to go, we have chartered the route and the goal of our journey, and the journey has begun. We call it Moving Energy Forward.

  8. haha, Dong - moving energy forward...