Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Ba-aa-a-a-ak

Sorry for the unintended long break. I had every intention of blogging, and then took an internet break.

Good excuse though - We are expecting another little Swede! OK, so it is super early, but since you were all so supportive of me during my tough time a few months ago, I figured I might as well get this out early.

But while I was in the early weeks of pregnancy, I was also traipsing around the USA with a toddler, The Swede, and two amazing teenage Swedish family members (including one first timer to the USA).

Sad to say, nap time became my favorite time of day.

I was tired. I am tired. But it was a great trip and I have a ton of observations and fun cultural moments to share.

I am still adjusting to being back to Sweden. I keep apologizing to people I bump into and smiling at random strangers who quickly look away.

Anywho - I hope to be blogging a bit more about being pregnant in Sweden and the current nonexistent Swedish summer (which I am pretty sure is a thing of myth at this point, just like those childhood New Jersey winters where it snowed every day).


  1. oh wow congrats!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Hope you will soon get a little more energy. And it will be great to hear more of your observations here from US and Sweden! :-)
    I am glad you are bcd in the blogging world again.

  2. Ugh on the Swedish summer front but yay for being pregnant and blogging!

  3. I've been lurking in this blog for six months; this is my first comment. Your non-existent summer actually sounds pretty good compared to the 106 degrees outside my air-conditioned bubble. Congratulations!

  4. I've only been lurking for the last few weeks but it's quickly became one of my favorites. So happy to see you back and congrats on your pregnancy!

  5. Congratulations! Fingers crossed, but I bet you will be fine.