Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Swedish National Day - How to become Swedish

It is time for Swedish National Day, a day off in which Swedes celebrate their country by doing nothing in particular. And a day that most Swedes will not be able to tell you why it specifically is Sweden's national day.

Don't be fooled. Swedes are proud of their country. But they are proud in a Swedish way and not a 'USA,USA,USA' sort of way.

Swedes are pretty sure their country is the best in the world and wouldn't trade it for much (except for maybe if they could move the whole thing to a warmer location, but not too warm because heat is uncomfortable, too). They just show it by complaining about the idiocy of other countries instead of waving flags.

In honor of Sweden and all of the wonderful things that are Swedish I present this video, for all of you wannabe Swedes out there, all of you new Swedes out there -

Have a great National Day!


  1. Oh that video was great. SFI done right!

  2. I think the celebration of the national day is coming on fine. I myself went both to the royal palace and to Hagaparken and there were lot´s of events and stuff going on at both places.

  3. Most Swedes "know" that Sweden are the best country in the World, but celebrating it loudly would be to rub it in to the poor sods that don't live here and thus bad behavior.