Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweden wins Eurovision! Eastern European Conspiracy Defeated!

OK, so the one year I slack off and decided to skip Eurovision, Sweden manages to win the thing. YAY Sweden! I was a little afraid the Babushkas might sweep it, and while they were cute and all, I really didn't want to have to listen to that song.

But no Sweden did it!

Eurovision is one of those contests you get super excited about the possibility of winning and then realize the prize is pretty crappy. You have to host the damn thing next year. That's a lot of money to spend on an international festival. But I guess people have fun with it and might enjoy going to the concert? What do I know. I always get annoyed when I try to win the prize at a party and the prize turns out to be some big responsibility to do something in the future like throw another party or take the host and hostess out to dinner.

I won't write much about Loreen's performance because I haven't seen it. But what I really hope is that this keeps the Swedish sore loser syndrome away for a few years. I really hope the media doesn't start complaining about Sweden not winning next year.

Seriously, can we please now remember that western European countries win Eurovision, too? And just because a song is 'slated to win' by the Swedish press before the contest, doesn't mean it will stand a chance (cough cough The Ark cough).

Let's not get all pissy just because the Eastern European countries vote for each other, when they bring out well-known regional artists, and then bring out Carola because everyone knows she has widespread regional appeal.

I'm not going to talk about 'the best song' winning, because while perhaps Loreen had the best song of the night (I didn't watch remember?) I have seen many older competitions where what I thought was the best song did not win.

But then again, this contest is so very much not about MY taste. I'm not even European. And I tend to feel that most on Eurovision night.

But hey, I am happy for Loreen and Sweden!

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