Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fashion and language fail - Valborg edition

So Monday was Valborg - or Walpurgis as they apparently call it in English, but I don't know many people who have heard of Walpurgis.

The day was sunny and warm - practically a first for this spring. And thus the teenagers and young folks came out in droves to get drunk and get tan. This is what Walpurgis apparently means today. In old times it was also a celebration of spring, burning of witches or a few other tales the Swedes might tell you about this old bonfire of a tradition.

I had to work. But on my way home I noticed that I did not get the fashion memo that apparently 50% of Swedes got this month. The only way to be seen in Sweden this month is in shorts and black stockings. About everyone I saw on the train and on the street under the age of 25 was rocking some form of this look, or its equivalent, tight black pants.

I do not judge. This look is actually pretty practical for Sweden - because it is a bit warmer than some of the other looks that have been popular in recent years. And because there are photos of me from about 15 years ago sporting a similar look. Can you believe I wore spandex bike shorts under ripped denim jeans? This is why I hate fashion today. I cannot believe anyone brainwashed me into wearing that ridiculousness.

Anyways, I do realize that those of us over 25, in good Swedish fashion fashion, will be wearing some form of this look in about 4-6 months. I think I will not do it again, but am glad it is this and not pastels.

As for the language fail, Big Swede, Little Swede and I went to a bonfire to celebrate Valborg. I was explaining to Little Swede

"We are going to celebrate that spring is here."

"Springa!" (run!) shouts little Swede and takes off running.

"No, not run, spring, the end of winter, spring." I try to explain as he teeters over to us again.

"Springa!" He shouts and takes off.

Yes I am that mother. But damn bilingualism is adorable....


  1. I love those words and expressions that sometimes pops out of the kids' mouth when they speak/learn two different languages. Even though we try to correct and explain but it doesn't always sink in. :-)
    Well the fashion trend with stockings under shorts can be seen even here and has been spotted already in the winter here. I think it's pretty ugly actually. But hey, I am the farthest you can come from fashion I guess... ;-)
    Nice you could see a fire though. Valborg is once of the Swedish Celebrations I can sometimes miss. Not that I think about it and long for it, but every year when I'm reminded I kind of feel a bit nostalgic and would love to go see a fire... :-)

  2. The Swedish language depends a lot on gender of a word. It controls what form an adjective should be in and what plural/article ending to can speak swedish.there are many oppourtunities to learn swedish.