Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preschool Lucia: A Whole Lot of Swedish Fabulousness

This has to be one of my favorite days of the Swedish calender. Santa Lucia - the story of some, I think (I'm not going to look it up) Italian? saint, who met with some violence - I think that is what the red ribbon symbolizes anyway, and she really loved candles.

At least that is what you might ascertain if you saw the Swedish Lucia celebration - but probably you would just think Lucia is a cute young blonde girl who loves to sing.

Anyways, meaning be damned,  it is a beautiful Swedish tradition - that really maximizes the need for coziness at this dark dark time of year.

But if you have little kids? It really is all about the cute.

St. Lucia means little kids on parade - singing and doing those silly hand gestures. It's awesome.

Little Swede was TERRIFIED of all things Lucia, they told us at his pre-school a few weeks ago.

So bring in Operation Save St. Lucia Parade here at our house

We watched countless other St. Lucia day care parades on Youtube.

We sang songs all day long - thanks to the Barnkammaren Silverboken.

An example of dinnertime discussion: "What does Vingesus mean exactly?"

"Vingesus? That's not a word, vingesus!"

"Oh really? Because it's in Barnkammare boken."

Oh Vingsus

Yes, älskling I mean Vingesus

The kicker is all I remember is that vingsus is something about fluttering wings, don't know if I have that right anyway.

(Why is pronunciation SO frustrating sometimes)

Anyways, the St. Lucia parade was a success! Little Swede, in a tomta/santa suit which we had to practice wearing for at least a week - led the way and sat down in his place no problem. He then stared out into the audience for about 5 minutes before shouting 'PAPPA!' when he finally spotted us. Then he continued staring.

The preschool teachers did a great job of singing. There was a little bit of everything. Some kids ran immediately to their parents crying. One little girl repeatedly fell off of the bench they were standing on and landed on some kids below. (She was promptly wooshed up and replaced on the bench - no tears shed).

One kid emphatically did all of the hand gestures.

The rest just kind of watched us.

It was classic.

Afterwards there were saffron rolls and rice porridge - what more could you want?

I love Lucia!

(Here is a pre-school lucia just for grins)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Lucia celebration and I am so happy little Swede enjoyed his tomte suit. I can imagine how cute he looked. I love Lucia as well. I think it is a beautiful traditon and it really is needed and longed for now that it is so dark outside. You need all the light and festivities you can possibly get. I am about to go to Katarina Kyrka to see and listen to a Lucia consert soon.
    Take Care.

  2. Ooooh! i miss so much Lucia. Today is the day I miss Sweden the most and all my childhood memories of being in pre-school and school Lucia celebrations come back to me.... i also wish so much that I could give my daughter some of this but unfortunately this is one of the traditions which does not transfer at all here. We went to the Swedish Church Lucia Concert this weekend and it was BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic as all years, and i really enjoyed. But for a 3 year old this is more or less as boring as it can be. Except for when the Lucia and her maids are walking in and out. THAT she loved to watch. But i wish I could give her some of age-appropriate Lucia traditions like being a Lucia or santa or so at pre-school with her friends. I do realize this is just MY memories and MY feelings though. I guess she would not really miss this growing up, but to her other traditions such as Halloween will become part of her childhood instead. But yes, today I miss Sweden a lot....
    I'm happy you and Little Swede had such a nice Lucia! :-)

  3. We had Santa Lucia today of course too. My kid was NOT feeling it. Poor shy thing!

  4. :-) LOL sounds exactly like the Lucia celebrations I remember from being a kid in Sweden. And I have to say Lucia is the one tradition and celebration I miss the most in England. It's just one of those that you can't celebrate here to it's full potential as no one else understands what you're on about ;-).