Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jag är inte en lat mask or this is not an apology

Jag har inte försvunnit, jag lova er. Nej. Jag är fortfarande här. Och jag kommer skriva mer ganska snart.

(See that there? That's me sucking up to my Swedish readers, by trying to post a little in Swedish, something I've been terrible at lately)

Jag har fullt upp denna veckan med skolan, jobb, julkaos och med att försöka övertala The Swede att vi kan vänta med att köpa en ny soffa tills efter jul.

This post I am going to whine about how busy my life is, but really I am very excited about how my work has really taken off in the direction I was dreaming it would. So my busy busy is good busy.

In other news, The Swede wants to buy a couch. This week. I think I may have convinced him to wait until January, but last I left him he was measuring the walls in the living room.

1. I do not do IKEA in December. It doesnt have to be IKEA, but I found one there I might be able to live with.
2. Swedish sofas are super unfriendly. Either they expect you to have legs at least two meters long or they are stuffed with what feels like soggy dish rags. They are hard and not cozy at all.
3. I dream of a dark brown sofa, but I have too many light furred pets. (Yes, Swedish meow is still around, but the final verdict is still not in). But I still have the urge to just buy a nice brown sofa. And then I remember what happened to the last area rug I owned.
4. I really wish I could just import a sofa from the US without it being all crazy insane expensive, but I don't see that happening.

Does anyone have a sofa to recommend? My brother-in-law actually imported a sofa to Sweden from the US, but all attempts we have made to bribe him for it have been for nought.


  1. If "new" wasn't ment litterally, you could try second hand. Cheap enough not to worry about the pets too much, and several decades of styles to pick from. Nothing ever stays brand new anyway..

  2. I don't know, I really like our Ikea Ektorp. We bought it used off Blocket pretty cheap and just got a new cover for it.

    But no, I would not go to Ikea (or Ullared) in December.

  3. Sounds wise not to go to IKEA in december. However, I once went there on the 23:d and that worked fine but not that I think you should go then. I hope you do find a nice and most important of all a comfortable couch. There just are no shortcuts. You will need to try as many as possible out and compare to find the one that is right for you.

  4. @anon - I would actually not mind a used sofa at all, I'm actually pretty OK with just keeping the one we have, but I think the Swede wants a new one

    @antropologa - OOh, good to know, we are leaning towards Ektorp, as I kind of liked it last time we were at IKEA.

    @Desiree: A woman after my own heart, but see the problem is I've been 'looking' for a sofa for years now, and haven't really found one I like. I listened to a radio show about a guy who spent 10 years looking for the perfect sofa, and I think the Swede is concerned that might be me :)