Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas - God Jul - Don't You Forget About Me

Merry Christmas. Here in our house we are full of rice porridge and Swedish not-meat balls. It's been a great holiday. Everything worked out despite my not planning much of anything. I need to remember that. It is good.

I have a lot of blog posts planned for this week and next year (ack!)

For now I can only report that the first TV show Little Swede seemed remotely interested in was Kalle Anka.

So I actually watched the whole thing this year.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you can check out this article. I found out more about Kalle Anka from that article than I think I ever needed to know. Made for interesting side chat as we went through all of the memorized dialogue.

God Jul!


  1. WOW When I lived there in 1976 and that was the big Jul tradition and I remember having to tell everyone in the US because I thought it was so umm interesting. God Jul!

  2. God Jul och God fortsättning to you. You are not forgotten. I am glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. I admire you for watching the whole thing. I did not. But I had a real nice Christmas too.
    Did you celebrate both the 24th as well as the 25th so you got a little bit of both Swedish and American Christmas celebrations?