Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swedish Gas Price Alert!

Gas in Sweden is expensive, through the roof. For all kinds of reasons: taxes, general costs, taxes and some more taxes. But I'm starting to get nervous. Typically, gas prices go through the roof during the summer, when everyone hits the road.

But it's only the beginning of April and gas is already at 14.50 SEK per liter, that means that it is 58 SEK per gallon. At today's exchange rate that makes gas $9.20/gallon.

Now pick your jaw up off the floor.

This is one of those posts where, if you are in the US, you can say: “I may not have 480 days of paid parental leave, national health care, a well-maintained infrastructure and paid days off to take care of my sick kids -but I ain't paying $9.20 per gallon of gas.”

I ain't payin that either, mostly because I drive a car that runs on ethanol, but I don't know really in the long run how much it helps. Because I don't drive all that much anyway. Seriously, at these prices, who can afford to?

You can take large deductions on your yearly taxes if you commute to work by car. Which helps some people. The rest of us just keep biking, taking the train, bus, or tram wherever we have to go.


  1. Gosh that is bad. Ours in England is roughly 13.50 SEK though so we aren't far behind!

  2. >> The rest of us just keep biking, taking the train, bus, or tram wherever we have to go.

    Which is exactly the purpose of the high taxes. :)

    That and encouraging people to buy cars that run on renewable fuels.

  3. any projected prices for this summer? my wife and i are honeymooning in stockholm and mora in mid-late june.


  4. Well then move to USA and go bankrupcy when you get sick and have to go the hospital. Or to the dentist. As well, sick kid can take care of itself, not an issue at all.

    I support this high level of taxes, at least here and especially if you live in Stockholm where public transportation is among the best in the world.

  5. @anon #1 - I'm not sure what the projected prices are, but I can imagine, if the dollar stays at what it has been, it can be over $10.

    @anon 2 - Wow I thought the love it or leave it mentality was a purely American phenomenon. Thanks for clearing that up for me. However for the most part I agree with you - if you read my post on Swedish taxes here: http://survivinglifeinsweden.blogspot.com/2011/04/swedish-taxes-take-my-money-please.html

    My biggest problem with gas prices in Sweden is that they are often tax deductible for Swedish workers - but the rest of us are stuck footing the bill for everything else.

    I do prefer the Swedish system to the American one, that doesn't mean I need to be crazy about every single fee/tax Sweden imposes.

    As for the Stockholm transport system - I think you get a lot more for your money in NYC than in Stockholm - but yes Stockholm is good. I think the big difference in transport is in the smaller towns/cities. There you see much better systems than in small cities/towns in Sweden than the US.

  6. Hello! The gas price is only tax deductible if you regularly have to drive while working. not to work, or home, or anywhere else. the gas price in this country is not okay. NOT OKAY. not at all, its kinda sick, and it barely helps the environment at all. so not worth it, if you ask 90% of the population :/ its really a problem and its only gonna be worse.. right now it just passed 15:-/l. it is good that you complain :) /Angelica

  7. The gas price is absolutely crazy...but I guess this is what it costs unless you go bombing every middle eastern country so that you are first at the tap?

    It is a shame that most folk are so dense that they believe the hype. Taxes= everything works great....so the grin and bear it up the ho ho. There is soooo much waste of tax dollars, it might be a great thing to restrict how much the government gets to blow away! The only way I can do any better on gas is to find a one cylinder car. Some items cost 3-5x what they cost elsewhere. By know stretch of an imagination can this be justified with "higher salaries, and government services (education, health, etc). Swede's have gotten so complacent and used to paying high that they do so without question. I have 3 businesses now in Sweden (after 3 years) and I get the same Sh*t from China and Asia as everyone. I can make a great profit selling something say at 400-600kr but when my competitors sell the same item at 1600kr, who am I to not go 1550kr?!

    Great blog.