Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amazing Moment in Swedish Music History

OK, so after my ComHem breakdown and online rant - I really needed a pick me up. So I dug around a little bit and found this. And danced around the kitchen to it far too many times for it not to be embarrassing.

What can I say, Peps always makes me smile - even in darkest weather. And Oh Boy! Vilken vacker   skånska!  (ETA: eller vilken vacker skånska eller kanske härlig skånska?)


  1. I guess you've seen the amazing version with the TWO Pepses, the original mr Persson and the copy Robert Gustavsson. From the TV-show "Allsong på Skansen" (singalong at Skansen) a swedish summer plague...(although they have some good artists now and then)

  2. actually it's "vilkeN vacker skånska" :P

  3. @Micke - no haven't caught that, since I have avoided Allsong pa skansen like the plague :) - but will check it out. Thanks!

    @Anon - thanks, I did think about that before I posted. Trying to figure out what skånska would be. An ett or an en word. Can I say it is härlig skånska or is vacker skånska the only way of doing it?

  4. You can say härlig skånska.