Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swedish Broadband Fail: How Did I Let COMHEM Pull One Over On Me Again?

Is there a cable/broadband company that people actually enjoy sending their money to, out there? Because today I was going to write about something completely different until I realized that ComHem, my internet/telephone/cable provider completely conned me again.

I feel a bit like George Bush – Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me can't be fooled again. And so here I am, playing the fool.

See, they have this nasty habit of changing the deal you agree to and hoping you don't notice. I thought it was a mistake last time we extended our contract with them, when the bill reflected something that we did not agree to.

But this time? This time I got it in writing, on a piece of paper, the agreement we negotiated with one of THEIR salesmen. And what do I get? Oh no, they expect me to pay what they think I should pay – which is their standard agreement, and not the deal we were given, which involved a bunch of free months.

Last time they were nice enough to just cancel the whole damn thing and let me try again. But this time they say I have to officially complain – or reklamera. That's fine, because last time it was a verbal agreement, and this time it is a signed contract-with the deal in writing.

But I don't want to waste my time anymore.

The sad things is, we kept them because we have no idea what a better alternative might be. It feels like picking my poison.

I can't say I know if it would be much better in the US. But I do know that one time I called to complain about internet disruption to ComHem, they told me that it would normally take 4-6 weeks to get someone to my house, if it wasn't a problem affecting the area. But since it was summer it would probably take a lot longer.

Man, I really am the fool here, aren't I?


  1. We've had some problems with Telia but not so bad as it sounds like you have been having. My husband is pretty good at yelling at people and making them come to our fast about problems quickly.

  2. Definetly you are not a fool... but these things happens alot when you move your life to another countrym and different culture...

    I have moved from Dubai till Sweden, if it was about the TV cable, I would say it's simple :D

    good luck, and pass by to my blog

  3. Congratulations on choosing ComBort*. :) That's what we used to call ComHem when the company started and they got known for their poor service. That was about ten years ago, I don't know if they are as bad now as they were then.

    A comparison site run by the state agency Post- och Telestyrelsen:

    *ComBort: play on the word 'bortkommen', which means 'foolishly confused, unable to do anything'. 'Kom bort' is never used this way in the swedish language, but the feeling of the words is 'become confused'.

  4. Thanks all - we used to have Telia and I also found it crazy frustrating - but maybe they have improved? Thankfully the Swede called them up and it looks like they sorted it out - but I won't say for sure until I get the next bill and a letter certifying our new agreement.

    I definitely feel like I am bortkommen after 30 minutes on the phone with Comhem support!

  5. HaHa - I knew it - they just called and the salesman personally apologized for giving us the wrong information about the agreement -

    Um, well, sorry you screwed up, but why does that mean I should be locked into an illegal contract for 2 years?

    Time to start reading up on - because it might be Telia here we come

  6. Hi..

    I have used Bredbandsbolaget since 2002 (I think). Started with Bostream which was bought by Bredbandsbolaget. There are hardly ever any problems with the connections. I started in 2002 with a 512kb/s which has been upgraded to something like 6 - 12 Mbit/s. Still pay the same fee as in 2002. The only thing that annoys me is that they once a year give me a call and want we to choose TV and phone-services...

    Good Luck with your future Internet connection!

  7. Cable providers are the pits. There are few options and for all companies their service sucks.

    We use Conhem as well...okay service, decent prices. If they try to pull anything on me, I'll go batshit-crazy and call and call and call until the problem is resolved.

    That's at least the advantage you have as an American, you just keep calling and complaining and filing complaints until they resolve the problem.

  8. We signed up for Sky News but now ComHem have reneged on their side of the bargain and taken it away. When is a contract not a contract? They said "not in enough interest"