Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Swedish Thanksgiving

This weekend we continued our Ameriswedish tradition of Thanksgiving whenever the hell we feel like it.

It was a success, as usual. I love spending the day with The Swede's big family. Lots of people around the table, lots of loud conversation. Laughing. Talking. It is a pleasure. Every time.

A few things I noticed this year:

It is really great to have a hands on guy around the house. At my folks house the guys always disappeared to go watch football (I'm guessing that was the sport given the time of year) and my Mom was left to stress out like crazy around the house. This made me loathe Thanksgiving, since I always had to do 99 things I hated.

But not in my house! In my house I've got the pies, Swede has got the turkey. I get the salads and the Swede bakes the rolls. We both clean in shifts. There is a flow that makes me feel like I earn extra grown-up points every time we manage to pull the whole shebang off.

But most of all, our TG dinners tend to go off without a fight. It is great. Maybe its because we don't celebrate it ON actual Thanksgiving. What do I know?

All I know if I am satiated with pecan pie, red wine and lots of scrumptions broccoli salad (Hey, I'm vegetarian, remember?)

Although on Thanksgiving we do serve Turkey. And for some reason the Swedes seem to shy away from the on the table carving a la American TV. But hey, we gotta Swedify something right?

In furry pet news - our girl is home, but it is still touch and go, and while I am cautiously optimistic, a lot depends on these next few days.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Oh Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds super with your new traditions in your home! As a non-American I have still not embraced the whole Thanksgiving but I think I'm on my way there! :-) Really enjoy it even though I understand it must be different if you have this as a Family Tradition, and here we always spent it with friends. Well, our friends here are almost like family so I guess it feels good because of that! :-)
    I'm also happy to hear your little sweetie-cat is home to and hope she will recover well.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am planning some Thanksgiving celebration for us this coming weekend. At least a nice thanksgiving dinner. I guess the thing about the guys watching football is something that happens in every home in the US. That is something I recognize from all the dinners and parties we had with friends and neighbors in the South. The guys would always go and watch football and the the girls would be left in the kitchen. Usually we did have a nice time in the kitchen but still things were always very divided. Happy Thanksgiving again and I sure hope lite furball will be doing much better soon. Give here my very best get well wishes.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving till dig. The SwedeAmerChilean clan I belong to gather for food, beverage and futbol. Lots of yummies for sure. BTW - lingonberry beats out cranberries every time. Hej Po Dig!