Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to ME! Surviving in Sweden Q & A

I cannot believe it's been a year since I started this blog. I cannot believe I've actually managed to keep it going.

I started this blog as a bit of an experiment, something to get me back to writing.

I only told about 3 people close to me that I had this blog - I wanted to see what would happen building an audience 'in the wild'

And here I still am. Surprised and happy to find that not only do people read, but they also have been amazing at commenting, sharing, agreeing, disagreeing and basically making this little experiment a great learning process for me.

I've appreciated all of the feedback I've gotten and all of the great comments. I am so happy to have gotten to know and read such amazing blogs from Swedes around the world, from all types of foreigners in Sweden, and people considering moving to Sweden.

I joined the Blogher group, you might see their ads on this page, mostly because I have really enjoyed a bunch of blogs in their network and am happy to be a part. But I decided against doing any sort of sponsored posts because it never really seemed to suit the style of writing I like to use here. And really, I'm not a saleswoman. Thus, this blog hasn't made me as rich as Blondinbella, but that was never my goal.

I would say 90,000 page views in that this little experiment has well surpassed my expectations, and most of all is fun, so I hope to continue for a bit longer....

To celebrate my first year, I thought I would address some of the questions that people asked Mother Google that led them to find my blog. Hope they help!

Can you be happy in Sweden climate?

Oooh, this is a good question. Especially in November I ask myself why anyone these days lives in Sweden climate. But at the end of the day, I would say, yes.... you can. But I admit the darkness of winter is harder for me than the climate.

Swedish where find if word is ett or en?

This is a very good question. One I do not have the answer to, and am unsure if an answer exists. And what about stolen words like CV? Is it en CV or ett CV? It boggles the mind.

Do Swedes hate Sweden?

I don't think so, maybe some do? Do Americans hate America? Or should the question be do Real Americans hate Real America? Hate is such a strong word - I think Swedes are pretty proud of their country.

Do Swedish people use shampoo? Do Swedish people bathe? Do Americans shower too much?

I seem to get a LOT of questions about bathing habits across the cultures. I do not know why. In my experience Swedes and Americans have similar hygeine habits. Swedish women shave their armpits and everyone uses shampoo. I am a little puzzled why the older generation of Swedes seems determined to rid the world of bathtubs. I would not survive a Swedish winter without one. So maybe the answer to 'Do Swedish people bathe?' is 'Not so much, they prefer the shower?' I don't know....

What does 'suga min kuk' mean?

This would very much depend on the context the phrase was used. Either this person wants to get to know you a little better, or does not like you at all.

I love a Swede, what to do?

Ahh, I know this dilemma. But thankfully Swedes are good people to love. Good luck on your adventure. I recommend coming to Sweden!

What do you think of the girl's name Sweden?

Do you mean you want to name your daughter Sweden? I don't think you really want to know what I think....

Can I pick and eat my Swede early?

I hope you are talking about the root vegetable Swede and not the Swede growing in your womb or living in your house. If this is the case, I have no idea.... If it isn't, I will have to report you to the authorities.

What to do if I touched someone else's chewing gum?

Run around the room screaming? Or more practically, I suggest washing your hands.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats! I am so happy that I've found your blog!
    As a Swede living in the DC area I tackle the same kind of questions you run into!
    It is fun for me reading about your life in my hometown, Stockholm.
    Funny, funny questions you got for from your readers :-)
    En eller ett is hard, I cannot explain the rule for that. I really understand that it is hard for you all to know when to use en or ett.
    Keep on blogging!
    I am reading and loving it!
    Greetings from sunny and cold DC!

  2. Hahaaaaa!!!!!! AAAWESOME! I've been laughing out loud when reading your post! :-) And now I want to congratulate you! One year of blogging is cool! I'm also happy to hear you want to continue since I just found you and really enjoy reading your posts! :-)
    Hope you'll have a great weekend!!
    Greetings from a Swede in New York City!

  3. The question about showers' habits for Swedes is a good one. Once, I dated a Swede who hated it that I took a shower every day. He really had issues about it and did not like it that I use deodorant..he was soo against I will say that some swedes have issues about daily showers....and they do not have similar hygiene habits as americans...He hated my "american' habits of smelling

  4. Congrats! I know the feeling. I started my blog in April, fully expecting to abandon it after a few posts. But I'm really enjoying myself. I think I see a one year anniversary in my future too.

  5. Congratulations to you and the blog on the one year anniversary! I think you are doing a great job and I am very glad that you decided to blog and that I found your blog. Ha ha a lot of funny and interesting questions. I agree with you that the darkness is harder on me than the cold. I still don´t feel I have adjusted to the Swedish winter. I don´t know if I ever will again.

  6. Anon: As a swede I must say that his point of view is extremely unusual and that he would be considered weird by every swede I know. I don't judge all americans by the few I've met.

    However, while I find it very strange to camplain about someones shower habits and use of deodorants, I don't think it's _neccessary_ to shower everyday. It makes your skin dry, and if you really haven't done anythint to make you sweaty it's fine to skip a day. But those days at least I would still wash stratecic areas...

  7. Anonymous no. 1: I would also have to say your Swede is the unusual one. I'm Swedish and I (and everyone I know) shower every day. And we use deodorant!

  8. Congratulations on your one year! You are admittedly the only blog I follow. Reading your blog makes me feel like I am not the only one with those thoughts(I am also an ex-pat). Keep the good work on :)

    As about the winter I find the winter amazing. I don't care about the darkness so much as long as there is snow and not rain. I find it really beautiful and romantic in some way.

  9. Thanks everyone for reading and cheering me in. It is MUCH appreciated!

    As for Swedes and showering - maybe @anon you are with a 'very environmental even for a Swede' Swede, who sees the waste of multiple showers and pollution of deoderant?

    All I know is that my Swede gets very annoyed if he has to go more than 1 day without a shower.

  10. Anon: Like I said, SOME Swedes have issues with daily showers and use of deodorant. I will not say that all of you (Swedes) have that issue except my ex. Lol….and take notice…he is my ex now…lol.
    And I still think that Swedes have different hygiene habits than we, Americans. I do understand that it could be that the weather is very bad in the winter and daily showers will be an issue (dry skin) but in NY (where I live) it is not as bad as the Swedish winters, so most Americans do take a shower every day. And I also understand that when you are in your primitive (and I mean it in a good way) country houses, you cannot take daily showers therefore I am referring to these differences in hygiene habits….being without a shower for a whole week while in your country houses…is just not what an American is used to..or at least me…
    And deodorant use is a must especially in the NY summers….I can only imagine what it will be if people do not use it during rush hour in the subway. ..hell pure hell..I tell you…lol.
    And I also think that some Swedes have issues with use of deodorant…when I lived in Sweden…some swede did not smell nice..if you know what I mean…I lived in Stockholm by the way.
    With that said, we Americans are a bit obsess about anything to do with physical appearance/smell etc…so maybe we take it to extremes as

  11. hej! I just found this. lol. Im from australia, im studying in malmo for a semester and ive been here for about 4 months now. I think i agree with most of your blogs :) havent read them all yet though. btw, i dont think there is a rule for ett and en. My swedish teacher said you just have to learn which one it is when you learn each word.. annoying! I LOVE sweden... although the darkness is starting to get a bit frustrating, soon ill blink and miss it. hopefully coming to stockholm for a visit soon! :)