Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swedish Fashion - Women's Edition -Everyone else is wearing it and you will, too!

OK I am a bit hesitant to say much about Swedish fashion – mostly because the Swedes are considered a rather fashionable folk – and I am far from being a fashionista. But since I have to live and breathe Swedish fashion daily, I am going to weigh in on the subject.

In someways Sweden seems it might be the ideal place for the non-fashionista. Mostly because, when something is fashionable in Sweden, it is ALL you find here. From the high-end shops, to the racks of H&M, there is no avoiding the trends of the season, if you choose to do any shopping that season.

It goes so far that if you are invited to an event which requires fancy-dress, and dresses are not in style that month, you might be able to find 3 dresses in your size to choose between, in the whole town. And none of them will be simple and black. Thank god for the internet.

And it does not matter your age – everyone wears the trend of the moment, irregardless of its age inappropriateness. Let's take one of last season's looks, the 'Whoops I forgot my pants' look which consisted of a pair of leggings and an extra large men's shirt. Not only would you find this look at your local high school, you could also find it on your 20 something receptionist, your 40 year old project manager, and your 65 year old grandmother.

And let's be frank here, there are very few people that manage to pull off this look successfully. I know. I tried. Because 'Whoops I forgot my pants' is a deceptively easy look for the new mother who doesn't fit into their pre-pregnancy jeans. And I say deceptively easy because you feel great until you see the photographic evidence.

So, if you love trends -Sweden is the place for you. If you are trying to create 'your own look,' it might take a bit more leg work. I've learned over the years that when I like a season's trend to stock up, because there might not be anything I like for awhile. This year there seem to be a lot of flower prints ala when I was 16, and some pretty scary stone-washed jeans. Looks like my wallet will be getting a break this spring. Thank god I fit into those old jeans again.


  1. Oh, I know, it's like a uniform. And though I did, as practically required, go to H&M and get black leggings, I just can't pull off the look. My problem now is that most of the winter clothes I have now are pretty old, often from college, and they're starting to get holes, but there's nothing here like them to recreate my style. Baggy corduroys and bulky turtleneck sweaters are not in.

  2. I know, I swore I would never give in - but I have my H&M pair as well.

  3. Yes I absolutely agree with your sentiments. I've been trying to find a simple polo necked jumper. Quite simple but absolutely impossible to find because the fashionistas have decided that jumpers with huge necks are the way to go. I find it actually slightly depressing you just cannot get what you want if you aren't into the particular seasons fashion. I love cords too. Swedish women don't seem to wear them. I found them in Mango for women tonight but they're designed like a track suit! I won't be getting them. I'm thinking of going to London for the weekend and shop which I know is completely over the top but I'm getting desperate. Enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  4. Sorry to hear about your cord quest. They were all over in the States this states, but not to much to be seen here.Hpe you find them soon.