Monday, October 21, 2013

Being Jewish in Sweden

The subject is a difficult and complex one, but I thought this article in The Local was well worth checking out.  One of The Local reporters spends an afternoon wearing a Kippah or Yamaka in Malmö and writes about the experience.

At the end of the day, most Jews in Sweden get by without a hitch because they ‘pass’. Most do not wear kippahs or a huge Star of David, they go about their day like everyone else. And they talk about religion as little as any average Swede.

Many blame the rise of anti-Semitism in Sweden on the growing Muslim population, but I can say I have heard many blonde haired, blue eyed Swedes say things I would interpret as Anti-Semitic, including things like ‘Stop being such a Jew’ when someone wanted to buy a cigarette off of my friend and the price was to high, to ‘I don’t want to look at that f-n Jew!’ when Seinfeld came on TV once.

So yeah, there is a problem here, and it is not just imported Middle East tensions.

What is the answer? No idea. But read thisarticle to get a sense of just how troubled we should all be about the situation. 


  1. I recall a news story from a couple years ago about anti-Semitism in Sweden. Like the one in this article, it was centered in Malmö. This makes me wonder, is this a Swedish thing or a Malmö thing?

    1. I would never say that it is a Swedish thing. Too much of a generalisation.

      Malmö has had its problems with both immigrants and racists.
      40+% of Malmö's population are foreign born. Swedish white supremacists have before had gathering in malmö where they have been "demonstrating". This has of course caused huge commotions.... Lets just say that Malmö police department are quite busy. :/

  2. I come from a typical small town in Sweden.

    I have to admit that I, as many others here, have used the word "Jew" as a swear word. At its peak I believe it was as commonly used as "Fan" or "Jävlar". I don't think, however, that most of us had anything against jews or even thought about it, but rather that it was picked up as slang from the big concentration of nazis that existed in this region during the 90's.

    1. "most of us had NOTHING against jews"

      forgot to say that I rarely hear it nowadays. Most likely because nazi activity ceased a few years back, or possibly because people are busy with their brainwashing in front of facebook.
      Bandidos and HA are in the area now though. :/ Maybe we will pick up some slang from them instead. lol

  3. Having recently moved from the US, NYC to be more specific, i really miss the jewishness and jewish holidays.

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