Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dancing out the Christmas tree

I know, I have been a bad blogger. I was just getting into the swing of writing here regularly, and then I went on a Christmas vacation to nowhere. I just vegetated with my family for two weeks. It was nice.

This weekend we conducted the sad, but slightly merry ritual of dancing our Christmas tree out the door. It was a first for us as a family. I remember doing it occasionally when I was really little and in Sweden celebrating Christmas or via Swedish au pairs, but I don’t remember much other than that we did it. Needless to say that before kids, The Swede and I left out the dancing bit and just chucked the tree.

So we did what we usually do, we created our own tradition.

While we packed up the ornaments and undecorated the tree we listened to Weezer’s Christmas album – Did you know Weezer had a Christmas album? I did not. The things you learn from Spotify trying to find endless versions of We Wish You a Merry Christmas to keep Little Swede happy.

I think there are specific songs you are supposed to sing while dancing around your tree as it is leaving the house, but I could not remember any of them at that moment. And as our entire –get Christmas out of the house- operation was rather spontaneous, I did not Google it first.

So I asked Little Swede what songs he might want to sing and dance to, and the answer was ‘Här kommer Pippi Longstrump’ So we danced around doing our best Pippi dances while singing the first verse of Här kommer Pippi Longstrump (because it is the only verse we all know by heart) over and over again.

It felt pretty Swedish at the time.

Then we waved goodbye to the tree as The Swede dumped it in the Christmas tree collection spot, and Christmas became officially over in our house, except for the Christmas placemats which keep sneaking back into the kitchen. 


  1. I love your blog! Please blog more!

    (from a Canadian girl with a Swedish boyfriend who might move to Sweden soon)

  2. Thanks for reading! Good luck with your maybe move.