Friday, November 30, 2012

Surviving in Sweden Advent Ask-All

OK - so I know I am not the most reliable blogger - I am terrible at keeping to all sorts of things - but I am going to try for one more

In celebration of my two years as a blogger here! (Can you believe it? 2 years?) I am going to do a Surviving in Sweden advent calendar - that means one post a day, every day - for all of advent!

If you have any questions you have been dying to ask -- if there is anything you want my opinion on---send me an email or ask in the comments and I will try to make it a topic of the day. I'm going to need a few things to talk about --- and while I have some ideas, I'd love some more. So if you have anything you have been pondering lately, let me know!

Anyways 2 years of blogging has been fun! I have managed to meet some GREAT people. I have had almost 300,000 people read and almost 1000 comments! I've gotten all kinds of strange offers for advertising, and got to help out in the FVAP program.

Mostly I have just had fun finding a place to vent and think about all things Sweden, and get great feedback from people. While I certainly love when people agree with me, I learn a lot from the dissent as well --- and always enjoy a good debate (is that American of me?).

You can also vote for me to win best expat blog HERE on the expatsblog site. Or see the badge in the sidebar.

Thanks for reading!

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