Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Cinnamon Roll Day!!!

Ahh cinnamon roll day. A made-up holiday created by bakers to sell more desserts. But not under some silly pretense, simply for the love of the cinnamon roll.

We need more holidays like this. Princess Cake day! Macaroon Day! Because dessert is worth celebrating (I am going to say we skip Chocolate ball day and all the debate that would likely ensue).

I have never baked cinnamon rolls before, usually that is in The Swede's half of the household chores - official cinnamon roll baker. But he had to work late. And Little Swede and I have been staying inside due to pretty crappy weather (I know there is no crappy weather, just crappy clothing - whatever, my cute Noa Noa raincoat is not so practical in this weather - and I am quickly growing out of pretty much everything I own). So I decided to make some cinnamon rolls instead of playing Brio trains for the 4th afternoon in a row.

And Little Swede and I did OK. Are they worth photographing and posting like I am some kind of food blogess? No. I actually made these first time cinammon rolls with a 2 year old. They don't look like something Pioneer Woman whipped up in her kitchen (OK, I don't read food blogs and that was the only one I could think of).

But, they tasted yummy. I mean, sugar, butter and cinnamon. Could you go wrong (I know, I probably could).

I used this recipe from - yes they are American style, but the Swedish recipes were all ginormous and I only wanted a few rolls. OK? I skipped the cream cheese frosting so it was a bit of a compromise.

Even if you don't bake your own, get out there and buy a nice cinnamon roll today (and if you are anywhere near a Cinnabon have one for me!)

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  1. Cinnamon rolls will be part of my last meal -- I swear it.