Monday, August 13, 2012

The magic of Swedish summer

I know I make fun of Swedish summer a lot. This is mostly because expectations are SOO high they always fail to miss the mark.

Swedish summer is sun and 70s and beach and wonderfulness.

But it is also rain, and 50s, and cold and grey.

And it is probably 70/30 with the ratio leaning towards rain.

But that said there is certainly a magic to Swedish summer. The magic for me lies in the never-ending nature of the day. The sun just doesn’t go down.

To be honest I am not one for crowds, going to the beach, heat or even summer for that matter (I prefer autumn or spring). I hate getting out the damn bathing suit and I hate the way my hair gets after too much time in chlorinated water.

But Swedish summer is magic.

Sneaking off to the beach in the evening, after the crowds have thinned, with my dog and family. Bringing a picnic dinner or maybe a mini barbeque. Spending the late evening still enjoying the sun, the warmer temps and a dip in the water after everyone has gone home. 

The fact that if we arrive at 6, we still have ages until the sun goes down.

Watching Little Swede run around nekkid playing ball with the dog in the shallow water.

Sand in everything and not getting home till its way past Little Swede’s bedtime.

This is what Swedes are talking about when they talk about how there is nothing like Swedish summer. So I concede, there is nothing like Swedish summer when it’s at its best.

The rest of the time? Meh.


  1. Couldn't agree more!!!
    And I do miss Swedish Summer (When they are at it's best.... ;-)) a LOT!!!!!!
    Specially the magic light! And of curse no humidity when warm. THAT os wonderful compared to so many super hot and humid days we have here in NYC when I just want to be inside where there is AC....
    We will go to Sweden very soon, but unfortunately I guess it is already fall there by then. Here I treasure the "fall months" more since the weather is usually nicer with still upper 70s sometimes even 80s but no humidity.... All places have there own "best seasons" I guess.

  2. I don't think there is a better place in the world to spend summertime. Our family has traveled through many countries throughout the world and our 10 year old daughter thinks Sweden is her favorite place and surprise...we were there in the summertime. I wish you well in your pregnancy and hope you continue to enjoy Sverige.

  3. Agree fully with your blog post, Swedish summers mostly suck but then you get those few days when it's magical. And certainly as a kid spending time in the north above the arctic circle with the midnight sun shining on clear skies all of the 24 hours.

    If you haven't experienced it I'd really recommend it as a vacation. When you look at your watch and it's 00:00 and still as lit as during the day gives you a very special feeling!

    You can also in some parts of the north be able to hear a language that only a around 40 - 60 thousand people in the world speak, called Meänkieli that became an official minority language in 2000. And a visit to the Aitik mine and take a tour is a good tip, especially for a little kid with big machines if he's interested in that :)

    Best regards