Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Absolute Best and Most Fantastically Superlative-Filled Blogpost Ever

After a week in the US it is clear to me that this is where the Best Beer in the Whole Entire Universe comes from, and it can kick Probably The Best Beer In the World's ass, even if it's f'n close to water, as the old Budweiser joke goes.

I have definitely been living in Sweden for too long because all of these superlatives (those -est words and phrases using most: most expensive) start to make my ears bleed after awhile. I get it. We want the best and we don't want to pay for it. We want the best and we want to pay garage sale prices for it. But the quest for the best seems an exhausting and futile battle to me.

See, no matter what, if I buy a new phone this week, even if I buy the bestest most super-duper model ever 1) a better one will come out next week and 2) do I really need my phone to double as a nail-file, a life-saving water raft and a penguin detector? (although if they make a phone like that I might just have to buy it).

Advertising in the US is no small-potatoes. I still remember sitting in the car listening to how if a husband really didn't want his wife to leave him this Valentine's day he should probably buy her a new fur coat. I told The Swede that buying a fur coat for me as a Valentine's day gift was a pretty surefire way to start a pretty big argument on the home front (not the best gift idea for your vegetarian wife).

Not only is it advertising, but magazines are on an endless quest to figure out what is the best and why. Everything from food to furniture. And yet, we still end up with boundless crap. How much research is the right amount of research to put in before buying a blu-ray, a mountain bike or even just dinner?

 I mean, I love to do the research, so I really am curious. I cannot tell you how much time it takes me to figure out if I want to try new New York restaurant A or B. I need to figure out what the best is, even if it is just the best for me. (And I am pretty sure at the moment the best for me is fancy schmancy vegan Japanese restaurant  Kajitsu). 

So see, you will probably find a more superlative filled blogpost out there. But the title got your attention didn't it. And that seems to be the point, doesn't it.


  1. It did - I thought I was on the wrong blog!

    I have a friend who blogs like that all the time. She is very funny, but she does have to have the best of everything and it comes out in her blog. So, she will buy a handbag - and the post title will be 'The absolutely bestest baggy-wag ever!'

  2. Wow! So true! I've been reading this blog for a while, and it's really interesting now to have some inside outsider (if you know what I mean) insight on your return to the states.

    -Portlander (OR)