Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farbror and Other Swedish Dilemmas

In Swedish, the names for family members have a tendency to be ver sensible. Grandma is either Farmor - father's mother or Mormor - mother's mother. No play on names, no Granny and Nonny. It's all very sensible.

The other titles continue in this fashion, there is Farbror and Morbror for uncles. And systerdotter for nieces. Great.

But lately ive been struggling with what to call the in-laws. See Little Swede has two farbror and they have two wives. So what do we call the wives? My American brother's wife is we call his aunt.

My Swedish family says calling these women Tant is out. They say we should say farsyster. Father's sister. I'm fine with this. But the swedes I work with always point out that when I talk about my nieces, I'm talking really about my husband's nieces. I admit, this bothers mea bit since I've known these girls their whole lives.

So what do you call married ins in your family in Swedish? Or do you not call them at all?

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  1. Um...well I still speak English pretty much all the time with everybody so I just call them Auntie/Uncle or sister/brother-in-law.

  2. http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sv%C3%A4rfamilj

  3. Morbrors fru = Moster
    Farbrors fru = Faster
    Lätt som en plätt! ;)

  4. haha, tack tack.

    Is it that my questions just confuse my Swedish family? Or that they forget these rules themselves? There are enough of them to be able to figure it out, I would think :)

    Ah, I can't complain they are a great bunch and I'm happy to be a part of the fam.

  5. >> Morbrors fru = Moster
    >> Farbrors fru = Faster

    That's news to me :)

    >> Is it that my questions just confuse my Swedish family?
    >> Or that they forget these rules themselves?

    In my family we haven't bothered much with the titles and just used the names. So the inlaw words are difficult to me. I know them, but I can't specify exactly what they mean without looking them up. The same with words for relatives more distant than cousins.

  6. Man kan ju också säga
    "ingift moster" = morbrors fru
    "ingift faster" = farbrors fru

    Syssling och Tremänning är samma sak, det är kusinernas barn. Alltså min förälder och min sysslings förälder är kusiner.


  7. De där reglerna känner inte jag till. För mig är det så här:

    moster = mors syster
    faster = fars syster

    Men oavsett vad som är "rätt" så går det väl att köra med ovanstående iaf.

  8. Aha, se där ja: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sl%C3%A4kt#Sl.C3.A4ktskapstermer

    Lite mer omfattande :)

    Här kan jag lära mig också :D