Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh right, I forgot, This is Swedish Summer, Too

Haha Beautiful Swedish May you tricked me. Yes, you did. Here I was remembering Swedish summers that looked like Swedish butter commercials – green green fields, cows romping about, rolling green hills – ah Swedish summer, the most idyllic place on earth.

But wait – wait – because while there are those weeks where everything stands still like in a photo, and summer seems to be like in the movies – they are usually followed by an 'oh crap, did I really put my coat in storage already? Because damn it is cold out here' week, or two, or three. Weeks where it is windy, rainy and you wonder why you didn't decide to book a month long cruise to Italy.

There are days when you wake up and think 'This looks like a lovely day' only to watch the clouds roll in, the sky open, and giant clumps of hail pelt down at deadly speeds. In the middle of July. Three days in a row.

Because all of this is Swedish summer, too. Having 18 hours of sunshine doesn't really help if you have a giant wall of clouds between you and said sun.

But crappy weather be damned. They are predicting sun for Midsummer tomorrow. And though they are notoriously often seriously wrong about the weather prediction here (Doppler 4000 why are you stuck in Rockafeller Center we need you here!) - I am hoping they are right.

But just in case, I am packing a sweater, a rain coat, some boots, an extra blanket, an umbrella and a summer dress. Because hey, you never know!

Ooh, and here is a Swedish butter commercial - to keep those positive thoughts alive


  1. Du verkar inte gilla vädret vi har. Hmm, men det är ju det som är det mest spännande på midsommar afton. Ska det eller ska det inte regn, kommer det eller kommer det inte bli varmt, ska vi sitta ute eller inne. Vad vore midsommarafton utan de funderingarna? Hur det än blir önskar jag dig en mycket trevlig midsommar.

  2. Haha you are right. Is hastens doing it's 'if it rains on midsummer your bed is free' campaign this year? I bet that would make the weather a lot more exciting :) it's all about good company in the end, isn't it.

    Happy midsummer to you!