Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Swedish Ford Dealer Makes Me Laugh – but sometimes I feel like crying

Every six months or so we get a very 'interesting' mailing from our local Ford dealer. It arrived in our mailbox again today. Now, I realize I live in Volvo land, but the Swede and I have been pretty loyal Ford owners for the last few years. But it isn't thanks to our lovely dealership.

First off are the 'special deals' that our local dealer is always trying to use to lure us to their shop. For us, proud Ford owners, for just shy of $250 we can have an oil change and an oil filter change. This service also includes a basic service package with such challenging goodies as 'checking window washing fluid level, checking the tires, checking the coolant and checking your windshield wipers. Now, let me say that I am pretty mechanically inept, but damn it even I can manage to do pretty much all of the above – and maybe an oil change with some good studying up. But $250? For the cheapest so-called-bargain-service?

The days I get this flier in the mail are the days I miss things like Jiffy Lube. Or even my Ford Dealer at home, who knew how to screw me slightly more subtly.

That said, I have gone to my Ford dealer once when we have had problems. Not for an oil change. No. Way. Ever.

My visit went like this: Walk into show room and present myself at reception desk. Four people sit behind the reception desk – none of them acknowledge my presence.

“Hello?” I say.

Three of them look very intently at computer screens. The fourth points back into the workshop area of the store, at a fifth person. I believe they might be telling me that this is the person who will deal with me, but I can only guess. I nod.

Someone else walks in. They walk up to the counter.

“Hello,” two of the people at their desks stand up and immediately help this person. All three of them leave to look at this person's car in the driveway.

The man who was pointed at earlier is eating a sandwich.

“Hello?” I call again. He begrudgingly puts down the sandwich and comes over.

“I am having a problem with xyz with my car, and would like someone to look at it.”

“Um, we have like a waiting list of at least three weeks. And it will cost you at least $200 just for us to figure out what might be wrong with your car before anyone touches your car or any parts are ordered.”

“I see, so you really really don't want my business at all do you? have a great day.” Ok so I didn't really say this. I just nodded. Walked out. Called my husband. And said “We are never going back THERE again.”


  1. That really is pathetic. I don't have a car here but I've heard these dealerships are rip off merchants. They need a good slapping! I hope you find a decent mechanic soon.

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  3. Ja precis så går det till !! Ford i sverige har en jävla konstig inställning till sina kunder,SKANDAL!

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